ABC of wine, a glossary of important wine terms

There are many terms associated with wine. You should learn them before shopping for wine. The terms are associated with its compositions and taste. They would help you to learn the concepts associated with wines.


Wine is a very complicated subject with a number of things and details associated with it which you need to know. When you are shopping for wine there are certain factors and terms which you would come across. Knowledge and understanding of these factors is important to ensure that you are able to shop for the wine without any trouble. Here we are going to share some important terms which you must be familiar with in order to know all that is there to know about wine.


What is wine language?

Being a vast subject in it, there are a number of terms associated with wine. There are phrases and words which are used solely in relation to wine, its making and sales. There are terms related to tasting of wine as well. It is important to know these terms in order to simplify and understand your own wine shopping experience well. It can be rather difficult if you are not very adept with the various terms associated with wine. The composition of certain wines, and the terms associated with the chemistry of wine should be mastered as well to ensure you have a very smooth experience.


Terms related to chemistry

The wine has some basic chemical compositions which are defined through specific terms. Terms like and acidity falls in this category. The term acetic is used regarding the presence of the amount of acetic acid in wine. Acetic acid is present is some amount in all types of wine. The acidic nature of wine keeps it fresh and gives it a lift in taste and hence the term acidic is used for it. The acidity of wine varies from one type of another and determined by the term acidity. At Twelve by Seventy Five we are going to guide you about these terms.

Terms related to taste

Wine leaves behind a tangy taste which is called the after taste of the wine. The longer the after taste the better is the wine. When the term aggressive is used with respect to wine, the level of acidity is denoted.


The full form is American Viticulture Area which is specific places for growing grapes. These regions are granted such status by the bureau of alcohol, Tobacco, Tax and trade. They are noted for their unique terrain suitable for growing grapes.