Ways to help clean your house

Would you like to know a quicker way to help clean the house? Cleaning your home room by room can be really slow and tedious. Read on to discover how to clean your home in a quick and efficient manner.

Dust all corners of the room

Always try and dust the room first. It is always better to dust a dry room rather than getting it wet. Wipe off the dust with a soft microfiber cloth. You can always rub fingerprints clean with the microfiber cloth. After dusting the rooms ensure that you remake all the beds well, neaten any pillows or furniture and then use a vacuum cleaner to clean off the loose ends of the dust and grim.

Wipe the mirrors and glass well

Wipe down the mirrors and glass well and make sure to use a wet microfiber cloth so that it does not leave any streaks. The kitchen and the bathroom should be cleaned well with acid for any kind of stain marks. You can use Oxalic acid for the bathroom floors and hydrochloric acid for the commode. Once the bathrooms are clean you can use a room freshener for a nice fragrance for that clean look. If you ever experience a day of flood damage, I really hope you aren’t effected too greatly. Crystal Clean Melbourne offer some great services to assist with this. If you are searching for a professional cleaner in London then you will find great comfort inĀ cleaning companies north London for reliable, efficient and great cleaning work. Try them out for the best services and be sure to check out this infographic which they have kindly created with 10 tips to make your house shine.