Types Of Key According To Locksmiths In Chelmsford

Lock and keys has been with us ever since human civilization started to value personal properties and wealth. Many royal bloods and nobles used lock and keys since ancient civilization for security and storage of valuables. After centuries of advancement, lock and keys now have evolve which would pale their predecessors in comparison. In particular, key has advanced to many types which fit different kinds of locks. Here are some of the keys according to Romford locksmiths.

Pile of old keys on white background.  Fisheye lens used.
Berlin Key
This key is an invention of locksmith Johannes Schweiger which is a native in Berlin. The noticeable characteristic of this type of key is its double blades with one at each end. When using the key, it must be pushed through the other end of the door in order to retrieve it and the key cannot be retrieved unless the door is locked. Though this is not common nowadays, it is still used in Germany usually among tenement buildings.
Bump Key
Bump key is different from regular keys. It is not the right key for the lock but it is similar and can be inserted to the lock and with a bump technique, it can open the lock. The most common lock where lock bumping technique is used would be the pin tumbler lock.
Change Key
Change key is a variant of master key. Unlike typical master key, change key can only open one or two locks. This key is mostly used for employees or attendants who are allowed access to only some of the rooms and not all the rooms in a facility or house. Some locksmith also called change key as keys that can change the settings of a combination lock.
Master Key
Contrary to some belief, master key is not mostly used for thief or burglary. In fact, many large houses and facilities use master key. Master key cannot open all kinds of lock. On the other hand, a set of locks in a facility or house can have a master key created for them. This master key can open all these locks while each of these locks has a change key which will only work for that particular lock.
Skeleton Key
Skeleton key is another variation of the master key. It is also called as pass key since the serrated edges are removed leaving only the main component of a key. This can open several locks and thieves usually have this key.
Smart Key
Smart key is commonly used in cars. This allow the driver to automatically lock or unlock any doors including the trunk by a push of a button. Unlike other keys which need to be inserted in the lock, smart key is used remotely which does not require contact or insertion.
Tubular Key
Also called as barrel key, it is used for tubular pin tumbler lock. Characterized by its cylindrical, hollow shaft shorter than typical keys. This key is widely used on laptop locks, bicycle, vending machines and alarm system for houses.
Transponder Key
This key is used for cars. It has a chip which disarms the car immobilizer once the engine starts running.

Regardless of the type of keys, it is important to hire professional locksmiths in Chelmsford in order to maximize security and quality of the keys and lock.