Ideas for male gifts becoming a struggle? Here’s some suggestions!

Many of usĀ find it hard enough when it comes to buying gifts. But when it’s a man, specifically that of the grown up variety you’re having to shop around for, it can be a right pain in the behind – they’re almost a different breed!

When they’re young, no problem. All you have to do is a bit of TV ad watching to Look What’s Cool at the time, ask a few parent friends what the ‘in’ trends are, and without a doubt they’ll be happy as Larry. Or if they’ve got a sweet tooth, get them Tabethas Touch personalised sweet bags with their favourite treats in. With teenage and older men however, it’s a whole different story. They prefer gifts that are of actual use to them, things that they would normally go and buy either on a daily basis or as and when they need it.

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So if you’re stuck in the above scenario and aren’t sure what you’ll be buying that special someone, check out the infographic below that has some great ideas for male gifts that’ll surely help you out!