The 10 Reasons Why You Need Car Storage

Though the car storage renting industry has been around for several years now, there are still many people who choose to use public parking lot or park their car outside. Being thrifty is a good trait but if it will cost you more in the long run then it is inefficient. As there are many local car storage companies opening in areas like London, many of the local car owners are leaning towards using AutoVault. There is no reason for you not to use this. Screen Shot 2015-07-20 at 12.21.41Here are the 10 reasons why you need car storage.

  1. Concrete Area With Sturdy Roof – Unlike public parking lot or make shift parking spaces, car storage companies are using concrete to build the storage. The roof is also sturdy. The whole build is built to withstood different natural disasters including flood, storms and earthquakes.
  2. High Security System – People who own expensive cars are using car storage service. In order to protect these luxury cars from theft and robbery, car storage buildings have advanced security system which includes access codes, multiple security cameras and guards.
  3. 24/7 Security – Some parking areas, especially public parking lots do not have security personnel 24 hours throughout the week. Car storage companies have multiple guards patrolling the vicinity to make sure that no criminals will attempt to break into the facility.
  4. Car Maintenance – Even if it is only dust that will accumulate in your car, this can affect the appearance, paint condition and overall condition of the car. You don’t need to change the oil filter of your car as often if you manage to keep dust at bay. Car storage companies have staff which clean and maintain the cars stored in their facility. You don’t even need to get a car wash after you get your car since it is already clean and polished.
  5. Spacious – Car storage facilities limit the number of cars that will be stored inside. This guarantees that your car will be park in a spacious area preventing any scratches or possible damage which your car might acquire from nearby cars.
  6. Prevent Theft – With concrete facility and high security, it is very rare than thieves will try to steal your car. You don’t have to take extra security measures to prevent theft since the car storage company will do it for you.
  7. Prevent Vandalism – Aside from theft, vandalism is also a major problem for car owners who leave their cars outside or in public areas. Car storage companies can ensure you that no vandalism will be brought upon your car.
  8. Protect From Natural Disaster – Natural disasters like hailstorms and floods can cause great damage to your car. Since the car storage facilities are made to prevent flood from getting inside and with sturdy roof to protect your car from hails, you can be sure that your car is safe and whole when you retrieve it.
  9. No Need To Fight For Parking Space – Public parking spaces are limited which make car owners to compete for parking space during peak hours. You don’t have to fight for a parking space since you are paying for it.
  10. Affordable – With a lot of competition in the car storage industry, they will try to outwit each other and one way is to lower their price compared to their competition. You can be sure that there are many affordable car storage companies.

With all these reasons, it is only fitting to avail the services of a car storage company to protect your precious cars.